Thursday 31 March 2016

Kingsway Baseball/Softball Club Rooms

Last year our team partnered with Skyward Roof Plumbing to provide 720m2 of ARAMAX FreeSpan Colorbond® steel in a Windspray finish for the roof of the new Kingsway Baseball/Softball Club Rooms located in Madeley, 25 minutes outside of Perth.

The product features as a main design focal point, giving the stunning spectator terrace its wave like appearance. 

Architect, Mike Movaffaghi chose ARAMAX FreeSpan not only because the profile’s V-shaped design serves as a visually stunning and structural component of the build, but also because the material allows for large roofing spans of up to 20 meters with no purlins or girts, producing a modern and bold finish to fit the building’s purpose and function.

McCorkell Construction commenced work on the $2.2 million Kingsway Baseball/Softball Club Rooms in January 2015 and was completed in December of the same year. The now complete modern sporting complex features a hall, kitchen and canteen facilities, a spectator terrace, court yard, male and female change rooms, toilet facilities and storage rooms.

Fielders ARAMAX FreeSpan structural cladding system is a unique V-shaped roofing profile that is bigger, bolder and deeper than conventional steel cladding profiles available on the market. The product can be manufactured between cover widths of 700mm to 900mm, depending on individual project requirements. For this project, the cover widths of Aramax were varied transversely along the curved roof beam in order to form the ‘architectural wave curve’.   

ARAMAX FreeSpan is produced on a mobile roll-former and has the unique ability to be rolled onsite anywhere in the world, reducing construction time and improving project efficiencies. Project applications include commercial buildings, residential houses, shade structures and commercial shelters.

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