Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Why Fielders Millennium is all the rage…

We recently inducted Millennium as a standalone product part of the popular architectural Finesse range available at Fielders, bringing a total of five unique profiles to the range.

Millennium joins Interlocking Panel, Shadowline 305, Nailstrip, and Neo-Roman suite, providing home owners and commercial developers with a versatile and modern solution for both stylish and elegant design.

One of the profiles most impressive features is its unique curving capacity rarely achieved by cladding profiles, allowing for exceptional results such as those accomplished with the iconic home inspired by the Lord’s Press box (pictured below). 

With Clean lines and a striking finish, Millennium is easy to design and install producing a sleek, simple and visually appealing final product.

The Fielders Finesse range has been designed to combine the aesthetic appeal, durability and flexibility of steel cladding. Ideally matched with COLORBOND® Steel Metallic colours, the profiles are the ideal high-end modern feature without the traditional high-end price tag.

Find out more about Millennium and the Finesse range on the Fielders website

Tuesday, 10 November 2015


Steel is one of the most important and versatile materials in the world. With its undeniable strength and ability to be repeatedly recycled, it has become a vital component for construction, transport and telecommunications and is even more crucial than one might think to the overall functionality of our day-to-day lives.

Here are 10 interesting facts that will make you think twice about the use of steel and how significant it really is:

1. Steel is an integral part of the circular economy promoting zero waste, reuse of resources and is continuously recycled, helping build a sustainable future.

2. The strength of steel is what makes it an essential factor in the construction and the durability of buildings around the world, such as the Sydney Harbour Bridge, which required 52,800 tonnes of steel in its construction.

3. The steel industry globally spends more than $12 billion annually on improving the manufacturing process, new product development and future breakthrough technology.

4. Steel is the main material used in enabling the delivery of renewable energy: solar, tidal and wind.

5. Steel comprises approximately 75% of all major appliances.

6. The steel industry is the second biggest industry in the world after oil and gas with an estimated global turnover of USD900 billion.

7. By 2050, steel use is projected to increase to be 1.5 times higher than present levels in order to meet the needs of our growing population.

8. Annually over 15 million cars are recycled worldwide, which provides enough material to produce about 15 million brand new cars.

9. The entire telecommunications network around the world would be non-existent without steel!

10. By using a steel frame to build a house instead of wood, you could save up to 40 fully grown trees, working towards a more sustainable future for the environment.

These 10 facts should provide you with further insight into the versatile world of steel, ensuring that your next encounter with steel generates a second thought. 

Monday, 12 October 2015

Gen-U-Win has launched!

The Colorbond® Gen-U-Win promotion is back again having officially launched nationally across our Fielders branches and distributors this month!

Following the success of the last Gen-U-Win promotion that saw winners from across the country share in the huge prize pool, this time round Aussie homeowners will have the chance to win an exciting major cash prize of $100,000.

Entrants will also go in the running for a state-based prize of $2,000, with winners selected every month throughout the duration of the promotion.

To be eligible to enter, simply visit a Fielders branch or distributor between now and February 29th 2016 and spend at least $200 or more on products made from genuine Colorbond® Steel.

What’s more, homeowners who purchased over $200 worth of Colorbond® product from May 1st 2015 onwards are also eligible to enter.

To register your entry, visit and follow the prompts to the homeowner entry page and progress through each step by filling in the necessary details. Remember, it is important to keep hold of the original invoice or receipt as proof of purchase when entering.

We are extremely excited to take part in the Colorbond® Gen-U-Win promotion once again and giving our Fielders customers the chance to win big!

For the promotion’s T&Cs click here and if you would like more information about Colorbond® Steel, you can visit their website:

Monday, 7 September 2015

The new Fielders website has arrived

Last month was an exciting time as we launched our brand new state-of-the-art Fielders website, a hub of information for our latest commercial, domestic and home improvements product and services.

We are pleased with the outcome and hope you are too, with the development involving a substantial amount of planning to ensure that it enhances your experience and usability.

As you can see, we have adopted an image rich and modern aesthetic to better align with the innovative Fielders brand, while at the same time, ensuring our content remains relevant and dynamic.

To achieve the final result, we undertook a significant review and update of our product information and materials to ensure technical resources are up to date to better service you, the customer, who regularly visits the site.

It was our top priority to create a website with the consumer firmly in mind, so the development was executed and reinvigorated in a way that best caters to the visitor experience.

We have also ensured that that the site is easier to navigate so you will be able to efficiently locate information and materials. An example of this is shown below, with the KingFlor page clearly set up to make it easier for you to find information and materials on a specific product type with much less click-thru.

For your convenience, the website also contains a page for our Home Improvements range so you can easily find information on our Fielders Centenary, Dominator Fencing or Endurance Sheds.

What’s more, our home page will keep you up to date with the latest in Fielders news and give you the option to simply sign up to our mailing list so you’re continually up to date.

To experience our new and improved website in its entirety, please see the following link:

Sunday, 19 July 2015

South Australia Celebrates its Architecture

Friday 3rd July 2015 marked the annual celebration of the best of SA’s architecture at the South Australian Architecture Awards, held at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre.

On behalf of the entire team at Fielders, we would like to congratulate all of the winners and nominees at this year’s event. It was fantastic to be there and celebrate the outstanding work produced by South Australian architects.

As a major partner of the Australian Institute of Architects (AIA) SA Chapter, we were delighted to sponsor this year’s Educational Architecture award category.

A big hats off to John Wardle Architects and Phillips/Pilkington Architects who won this category for the Jeffrey Smart Building at the University of South Australia; a well-deserved recognition for a great piece of design. Congratulations to the commendations in this category, including JPE Design Studio for the Adelaide High School Learning Centre and Flightpath Architects for the Cornerstone College project which featured ARAMAX roofing.

Some other notable winners on the night included the Adelaide Oval Redevelopment which took out two categories in the City of Adelaide Prize, plus the Award for Public Architecture. A special congratulations goes to Cox Architecture, Walter Brooke and Hames Sharely for their outstanding success in this development - one that has well and truly put Adelaide on the map in terms of international sports and recreation.

As the supplier of KingFlor steel formwork to the redevelopment during the construction phase, it was great to see the finished product officially recognised and we’re proud to have collaborated with the architects and contractors on this now landmark South Australian stadium.

While we were there to witness all the highlights of the night, we were also present on our social media platforms, providing real-time updates on the night’s events and award wins. If you want to catch up on some of the highlights from the 2015 awards, head over to our Twitter and Facebook pages.

Once again, congratulations to all nominees and to this year’s winners that will be heading to the national finals in November. We look forward to next year’s awards, continuing our partnership with AIA and supporting the work of South Australian architects.

For more information on the Australian Institute of Architecture, please visit:

Fielders ARAMAX FreeSpan building blocks

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Fielders join forces with Darren Lehmann Cricket Academy

We're proud join forces with the Darren Lehmann Cricket Academy as major sponsor, as we aim to give many more non-elite cricketers an elite cricketing experience.

Coinciding with the re-signing of Boof as our official Brand Ambassador, our sponsorship with the academy will assist in fostering the development of our young cricketers to provide them with all the tools they need to make the most of the sport.

Darren recently spoke of our partnership and how he's proud to have us involved with this important initiative.

"As a Fielders Ambassador, over the years I have done television, radio and newspaper advertising with Fielders and I couldn't be happier that they have invested themselves in helping us to help cricketers of any ability be the best they can be via our internationally recognised cricket programs," said Boof.

Our support of the DLCA will assist in growing its operations and opening a Darren Lehmann Aboriginal Cricket Academy in 2016, while expanding its reach into India.

Since opening in 2005, the Adelaide-based DLCA has hosted players from all over the world, with 18 international, 14 international "A" players and almost 100 First Class players progressing through the system.

The academy run a number of programs that are extension of the International High Performance Program, including tours for 16 to 18 year old cricketers from Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Singapore, who have toured Sri Lanka, India, and the UK to participate in the Gap Year and Winter programs plus Regional Camps.

Based on Australian Cricket Team Coach, Darren Lehmann's approach to the game, the DLCA has proven to be very successful at developing cricketers of all ages and abilities - we couldn't be prouder to be involved with such a worthwhile program.

Find out more about the Darren Lehmann Cricket Academy online at

Sunday, 28 June 2015

Here we go again for the SA Architecture Awards in 2015

As State Major State Sponsor of the SA Chapter of the Australian Institute of Architects, we’re proud to once again take part in the South Australian Architecture Awards, held this Friday at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre.

Marked on the calendars of Architects, students and industry professionals far and wide, the awards ceremony is the state’s biggest celebration of outstanding projects across a range of disciplines, with the winners going through to the national awards in November.

This year, Fielders will be sponsoring the ‘Educational Architecture’ category which features 10 exceptional projects from children’s centres, schools and universities, to TAFE centres and training facilities – all outstanding examples of world-class design.

Included amongst the nominees for this category are two projects that feature our trademark ARAMAX FreeSpan roofing profile, including Cornerstone College by Flightpath Architects plus the Mining Engineering and Transport Centre at Regency Park by Greenway Architects.

Cornerstone College (Image: Don Brice)                                          Mining, Engineering and Transport Centre (Image: Aldo Trissi)
Also nominated for an award in the Public Architecture and Urban Design category is the landmark Adelaide Oval development by Cox Architects, another project where we were proud to be involved in supplying material during the construction phase.

The Australian Institute of Architects is the peak body for architectural professionals in Australia, representing over 12,000 members and working to improve the built environment and architectural industries through their encouragement of quality, responsible and sustainable design – an approach that Fielders are passionate about for the construction process.

For live updates on the South Australian Architecture Awards, follow us on Facebook and Twitter as we bring you all the news as it happens from the Adelaide Entertainment Centre.

Congratulations to all of this year’s nominees and we look forward to another great celebration of the best architecture in the state. For more information about the Australian Institute of Architects and the 2015 SA architecture awards, click here.

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Boof signs with Fielders for another 2 years

We’re proud as punch to announce that sporting legend and head-coach of the Australian Cricket Team, Darren Lehmann, has re-signed as our Fielders Brand Ambassador for another two years.

Our renewed partnership with Boof will see him continue as the face of the iconic Fielders Home Improvement products including the Centenary portfolio, Endurance Sheds, plus our range of Dominator Fencing products.

We’ve been lucky to work with Boof for the past five years, representing our company on a series of television commercials for Centenary and Endurance, while also making guest appearances at a number of local Fielders events.

If you follow our Fielders Home Improvements Facebook page, you might have seen him on-set at the filming of our latest Centenary television commercial which is set to hit the screens later this year - keep an eye out for it.

Our renewed partnership with Boof will also extend to the Darren Lehmann Cricket Academy where we'll be involved in a range of initiatives to foster the development of our up-and-coming cricketers:

Off the back of leading the Australian Cricket team to victory at the Cricket World Cup, we caught up with the man himself to chat about our partnership, plus all things cricket. Take a look below!

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

New Meriton tower an industry ‘game-changer’

In yet another development with our KingFlor decking, we've recently been contracted to supply the material to the luxury Meriton apartment development in North Sydney.

The project has been heralded a ‘game-changer’ for the industry, being the first high-rise residential building in Australia to be constructed purely from structural steel, eliminating the use of the traditional concrete frame building method.

We’re working with Meriton and Tony Caro Architects to provide 20,000m2 of the KingFlor CF210 SlimFlor decking, with this flooring system an essential part of reducing the timing and costs of construction. 

In the past, traditional steel construction depth can vary from 450mm to 650mm which has limited the use of steel framed apartment buildings given the increase in the height of the building and therefore construction costs.

However, with our SlimFlor system, we have the ability to reduce the construction depth of the flooring down to 290mm to compete favourably with concrete framed buildings.

It is expected that the use of this flooring combined with Meriton’s prefabrication of materials, will see the project completed six months ahead of when it would have been finished using traditional concrete construction methods.

When the development is completed, it will deliver unparalleled luxury including 218 stylish short-stay apartments across 30 levels with sweeping views of the Harbour, Opera House and Sydney’s skyline.

Our supply of the product for this development will commence in early June, with the tower is estimated to be open for business in the first half of 2016.

As one of the five profiles available as part of the innovative KingFlor range, CF210 is capable of extensive unpropped spans of up to 5.5 metres which results in reduced materials, logistics, labour and waste on site. 

For more information on the KingFlor range, visit

Monday, 4 May 2015

ARAMAX FreeSpan shoots goals at Netball Central Sydney

Opened in early 2015, the world-class Netball Central facility is the new ‘jewel in the crown’ of Sydney Olympic Park, with our trademark ARAMAX FreeSpan roofing taking pride of place on the complex.

Last year, we brought you a few progress updates about our supply of over 12,000m2 of ARAMAX roofing and ceiling for the $27m Netball Central facility at Homebush in association with Scott Carver Architects and ProBuild.

We're pleased to say that the building is now open to the sporting community with our unique V-shaped roofing profile providing extraordinary results inside and out.

Constructed throughout 2014, our roofing sheets were rolled on-site using the Fielders Mobile Mill and lifted onto the building by two spreader bars.

Take a look at our video which shows the process of installation:

The 141 metre sheets of ARAMAX roofing were designed to double as the internal ceiling of the netball courts and surrounding gymnasium areas, providing a great contrast to the building's main structural element of Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL).

The brand new building contains six new state-of-the-art sprung floor courts, plus gymnasium and sports science facilities, acting as the headquarters of Netball New South Wales.

The complex is the latest addition to the precinct's 47 sporting facilities, further strengthening Sydney Olympic Park as the state's premier recreational district.

Find out more about ARAMAX FreeSpan here.

Saturday, 18 April 2015

V by Crown takes to the sky

Adding to our portfolio of projects in 2015, we’ve been contracted by Crown International to supply KingFlor composite steel formwork at the V by Crown apartment complex in Parramatta, NSW.

Currently in progress, the $309m development will be Parramatta’s tallest building. Standing at 29 storeys and occupying 500 ultramodern apartments, the tower will boast sweeping views of the Sydney skyline and be superbly finished in a luxurious glazed mirrored exterior.

We were contracted in 2014 to provide 70,000m² of KingFlor KF40 material to support the tower with the KF40 profile recognised by the builder and architect to be the perfect solution due to its improved efficiencies thanks to reduced concrete, labour and propping requirements.

KF40 is part of our wide-ranging KingFlor product, offering an innovative composite steel framework solution that combines the performance of a traditional flat pan profile with a trapezoidal deck. Due to KF40’s trapezoidal shape, the product will provide significant savings on preparatory costs across the entire project.

We’ve also been working with Ultrafloor for the tower’s carpark areas, with approximately 20,000m² of KingFlor RF55 formwork being supplied for this part of the development.

Construction on the V by Crown apartment tower has been steadily progressing, with the project scheduled for completion in mid-2016. For more information on the Fielders KingFlor range, visit