Monday, 29 February 2016


Steel is one of Australia’s go to building products. While it has always been an integral building component for our countries high rises and apartment developments, there has been a shifting trend towards using steel for the domestic building industry, replacing traditional wooden frames. In addition, architects today have pushed the boundaries of steel to create eye-catching external features that help to distinguish their projects.

Gone are the days where steel is hidden away as a rarely seen skeleton of a building, as it becomes the hero finish that gives a building its inimitable exterior finish and striking presence. At Fielders, we have a long tradition of creating innovative products and profiles that have the ability to create unique shapes that deliver on distinct specifications provided in the design briefs. One such example is our ARAMAX FreeSpan roof sheeting which allows designers to eliminate the cost and complexity of a buildings secondary structure thanks to its 20 metre span. The ARAMAX FreeSpan serves as a visually stunning and structural component of the structure, reducing cost without compromising performance.

Image: The Hangar

The Finesse range of interlocking panels is also a popular product that provides projects with a sleek stylish look while still offering the durability and flexibility offered by steel cladding. And then there’s the curving capacity of our Millennium profile, that allows architects to do some truly amazing things when it comes to the design of a building or property. Highlighted perfectly by this contemporary home inspired by the Lord’s Cricket Ground Press Box (see below).

With all these stunning applications available to home owners, architects and builders alike the possibilities for steel construction, finishes and roofing truly are endless.

Image: Finess Interlocking Panels