Monday, 26 November 2012

100 Year Record Achieved with Longest Sheet Rolled

Having operated for over 100 years, occasionally we like to push the boundaries and achieve new and exciting milestones for both the Fielders business and our customers.  One such recent achievement was our ability set a new Fielders record by rolling the longest ever single sheet of ARAMAX FreeSpan roof sheeting on a project site.

Using the revolutionary mobile roll-former, the record-breaking ARAMAX sheet measured 137.2 metres in length and was rolled onsite for the roofing component of the $17m Tamworth Saleyards redevelopment in New South Wales.

Rolling the longest ever sheet of ARAMAX FreeSpan is a significant accomplishment  and is testament to our ongoing commitment in striving to provide and deliver innovative solutions for a range of projects across the nation.

When completed, the Tamworth Saleyards will be a world-class facility - we are very proud to be working on such an exciting project and look forward to exceeding this current record on future projects that come our way.

About ARAMAX FreeSpan

Fielders ARAMAX FreeSpan is produced on a mobile roll-former and has the ability to be rolled onsite anywhere in the world. With a deep profile, the roof sheeting can span large unsupported distances between steel portals making it bigger, bolder and deeper than conventional steel cladding profiles.

Distinct attributes include:
  • Ability to reduce structural steel & cladding cost up to 30%
  • Significantly reduces construction time
  • Aesthetic appeal
  • Accommodates irregular geometry
  • Waterproof & vermin free 
  • Accommodates cantilever overhangs up to 5 metres

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