Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Fielders Roofing and Walling Manual

With over 115 years’ experience in the building construction industry, we take pride in delivering strong customer service in line with the continual development of innovative roofing and walling products to both the commercial and residential markets.

Our growing range of roofing and wall cladding products have been used on many of Australia’s most iconic buildings from the SCG, Adelaide Oval, Sydney’s White Bay Cruise Terminal, the domed roof of the Tamworth Equine Centre and Adelaide’s award winning SAHMRI building. The multiple applications available across the extensive roofing and wall cladding range allow architects and builders the flexibility to create truly amazing and inspirational projects, which combine function and design to achieve amazing results.

To aid in these results, we have created a Roofing and Walling manual reference document to help guide architects, engineers, contractors and builders in the design and installation for the entire Fielders roofing and wall cladding range. Featuring information on product selection, installation guides, material specifications, design spans and limits, maintenance and care, as well as the associated fasteners and accessories, the Fielders Roofing and Walling Manual is a one stop guide for your complete roofing and wall cladding needs.


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